5 Spray Nozzle Kit

5 Spray Nozzle Kit

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This kit includes 5 color-coded spray nozzles to help get the job done. 


RED 0° - "Cutting Nozzle" Deliver a concentrated stream to remove the most stubborn stains from concrete. This nozzle also has the power to cut or gouge.


YELLOW 15° - "Chiseling Nozzle" At a 45° degree angle, this nozzle can strip paint, and cut grease from hard surfaces.


GREEN 25° - "Flushing Nozzle" Flush away dirt on siding, sidewalks, and metal furniture. This nozzle is also commonly used for wet sweeping leaves.


WHITE 40° - "Wash Nozzle" Wash and rinse large areas fast with this nozzle's wide stream.


BLACK 65° - "Chemical Nozzle" Just add your favorite cleaning solution!