TK1050E Ride On Vacuum Sweeper

TK1050E Ride On Vacuum Sweeper

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The 1050 is a compact ride-on sweeper that is the perfect step-up from a walk behind sweeper.

The sweeper can fit through a 32 inch door, yet still clean up to 55,000 square feet an hour.

It features a patented self- leveling system to allow it to adjust to any surface as well as self-cleaning filters.


  • Hard Floor and Carpet applications
  • Great Maneuverability - 185 cm minimal turning radius
  • Easy - Pre-programmed working settings
  • Auto Stop System
  • No Tools Maintenance
  • Electronic filter shaker
  • Soft Cleaning Surface
  • Dual Power
  • DBL™ Double Battery Life
  • SLS-™ Self Leveling System

Where should I use it?

  • Automotive
  • Logistic & Transport
  • Heavy Industry 
  • Agriculture 
  • Ho.Re.Ca.
  • Retail


  • Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Outdoor Area / Car Parking

Type of Dirt: Medium

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