Force™ Wheeled Blower - F9 Large Property / Commercial Self-Propelled Subaru

Product Description

Step up to commercial cleanup power! This unit is ideal for medium size maintenance contractors and large property owners.

Forget the fatigue associated with pushing blowers. The self-propelled option (pictured) increases productivity so you can rip through 30% more property a day! The Subaru engine features a 5-year warranty!

Patented Aim N Shoot™ : Directs the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.

Advanced Fan Technology : Features a single shot 16-blade closed face fan; twice as many blades as others on the market.

Smooth Rounded Housing (F9) : Eliminates air voids for a smooth, quiet, powerful flow. Proven design won’t rust or dent. Backed by a 5-year warranty.

Thicker Padded Handles : Best in class for comfort and productivity.

F9 Warranty : 3-year Honda & 5-year Subaru engine; 2-year machine; 5-year housing

Low Weight : Best in class so you can finish faster!

Standard Forward Discharge : Soft rubber design is a snap to install and is perfect for cleaning along walls and fences.

Quiet Operation : Compared to backpacks and steel blowers, the quiet operation is a welcome relief among users and in neighborhoods.

Model F902H F902S
Velocity (mph) Just under 200 Just under 200
Fan (in) 16-blade Single Shot Composite 16-blade Single Shot Composite
Discharge (in) 4 4
Engine Brand Honda GX Subaru
Displacement (cc) 262 265
Weight (lbs) 143 130
Front Wheel Width (in) 10 x 3 10 x 3
Front Wheel Style Semi-pneumatic Semi-pneumatic
Rear Wheel Width (in) 13 x 5 13 x 5
Rear Wheel Style Pneumatic Pneumatic
Length (in) 58 58
Width (in) 29.25 29.25
Height (in) 32 (housing) 45 (handle) 32 (housing) 45 (handle)