CT40 Traction Drive - ECS (EcoCost Cleaning Solutions)

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The Greenest Machine on the planet and in your budget!


ECS Automatic Scrubbers High Speed Microfiber scrubbing system uses less water, chemicals, and time.

  • Reduce Water Consumption 80-90%
  • Reduce Chemical Consumption up to 80-90%
  • Reduce Labor Time up to 30-50%

Patented Microfiber Scrubbing System. Only the ECS can deliver the performance advantages of microfiber.

  • High Speed (600 RPM) over three times faster than traditional scrubbers
  • Low Pad Pressure allowing high oxygenation of fibers
  • Limited water is needed to allow microfiber to work effectively.

The benefits of using an ECS Automatic Scrubber:

  • Cleaner Environment - Offers a new level of hygiene that you have to come to expect from microfiber cleaning.
  • Conserve Water - Save 80-90%
  • Reduce Labor - Just fill and dump the ECS once. Save 30-50% on dumping and refilling.
  • Reduce Pad Waste - Reduce the cost and disposal of "throw away" pads. Micro scrub pads will last 2-6 months depending on the surface.
  • Save Energy - Reduces energy in battery charging and energy management by 20% with the "Energy Saver" system and will increase battery life.
  • Reduce Noise - Reduce noise levels 10-15% to allow for daytime cleaning.
  • Reusable - Micro scrub pads can be cleaned over 200 times and clean up to 45,000 sq ft at one time. They can be rinsed or are machine washable.
  • CHEM DOSE - The CHEM DOSE system helps you save chemicals by providing precision control.

Product details:

  • EcoCost Cleaning Solutions
  • 4/5 Gallon
  • 14" Pad Drive

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