Drink Up!



Pour yourself a cold one (or few), raise your glass, and drink up! No, we aren't talking about happy hour. We are talking about water


While it is important for everybody to drink the recommend eight glasses of eight ounces of water everyday, it is even more crucial to stay hydrated when you are doing work outside. As temperatures rise, our bodies become dehydrated even quicker. So before you trade in your hot cocoa for a soft drink to cool you off, here are just some of the benefits that water can provide your body while you're working outside in the warmer months.


  • 70% of the human body is made up of water. It aids in flushing out toxins from vital organs (preventing kidney stones and UTI's) and carries nutrients to your cells.
  • Do you ever get sore after a hard day on the job? Water keeps your joints lubricated and muscles more elastic to help alleviate discomfort.
  • Since your brain is mostly made up of water, keeping it hydrated allows you to focus better, increase concentration, and allows you to be more alert! While having your brain more engaged, perhaps more accidents could be prevented while on the job?
  • Drinking more water also increases your energy and puts you in a better mood. Now who wouldn't want that?
  • Physical labor can be very taxing on the body. Many back pains and headaches are a sign of dehydration. Drink a glass of water to help alleviate those aches and pains! 
  • Working outside exposes your skin to the elements more than the average person. While wearing protective clothing and sunscreen help, drinking water can help moisturize your skin and eliminate wrinkles!
  • Water can also increase your metabolism, surppress your appetite, and remove by-products of fat that in turn helps promote weight loss!


You might be convinced that water is great for your overall health, but you might not like the taste of drinking nothing. So here are a few of our favorite ways to drink our water around the office and out on the job.


  • Don't like it ice cold? Try drinking it room temperature. Or vice versa. 
  • Add in slices of lemon, lime, or orange. Add in different combinations or add all three!
  • Thin slices of cucumber add a nice crisp flavor.
  • Chill water with thin slices of cucumber, mint leaves, and lemon slices, strawberries, or raspberries for a nice treat.


Enjoy drinking more water daily and all the benefits that go along with it!


Stay hydrated!





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Disclaimer: This article was not published by a medical doctor, nutritionist, or anyone that could be related to the medical field. All information was collected off of cited websites and recipes were gathered from personal use. Recipes are a suggestion and not intended to cure any medical dianosis or problems that have no been dianosed. Boyd Equipment & Supply LLC is not responsible for any allergic reactions or any negative reactions to drinking more water or while drinking any of the above water recipes or variations. Boyd Equipment & Supply LLC is not liable.

  • Jennifer Boyd